August 11, 2007

Girls Masturbate

Do Girls really masturbate? Yes, they do. In fact, 7 percent of the female population utterly admits that they do masturbate. 60 percent of them are just terrible liars! Masturbation does not only involve using hands or fingers, but using dildos and some other stuff.

Did you know that a girl riding in her partner’s knee can stimulate orgasm? Or just by applying light pressure over the vagina can also stimulate orgasm? So, what’s the point here? Most girls usually use pillows to apply pressure over the vagina unconsciously. Because they so often do this that they don’t even realize that this is a form of masturbation.

Have you seen those sassy chicks sitting on the bench, opening and closing their legs? Now, that is Public Masturbation. I tried to ask one of my classmates once that if she knew that what she is doing is Public Masturbation. She just whacked my face with a notebook and left. Gee, I wonder if I made her feel agitated that she left without saying a word.

People find me obnoxious if I ask those kinds of stuffs. But let’s face it, most of us masturbate and it’s NORMAL. I masturbate, even priests masturbate (not that I’ve seen one).

Women always have this “equality thing” that has been going on for years. Women tried to box, drive, play basketball, wear jeans and some other stuff that men do. So if girls do things equally as guys, then girls also masturbates!

For my classmate that whacked me

August 10, 2007

Crappy Videos

Why do people record their intercourse on film? It takes a lot of effort on both parties to make one video. And I find it really awkward if you are taking the video while having an intercourse. I mean, you can’t barely move and do whatever you want because you are concentrating on getting a good angle on film. It’s good if you have “the skills” on digital video editing so you could take out the crappy part of the film.

Some people would ask a friend to film their erotic moments. This is fine as long as you don’t get embarrassed by doing so. Usually the couple having intercourse exhibits fake emotion when they know that someone is taking their video. A real artist could sort out and edit this film to make it look real. I’m not saying that I’m an artistic person, but I appreciate a person who knows how to make art.

There are a lot of persons making homemade sex (scandal) videos, but very few of them are worth your while.

August 9, 2007

Mental telepathy

Mental telepathy is defined as "Communication through means other than the senses, or thought transference." Most evidence is anecdotal and therefore not accepted scientifically. Most of us have had a telepathic experience at some point whether we realized it or not. Lots of things happen in life that we attribute to coincidence or chance that may actually be telepathic manifestations. Just because we can't prove it at this time, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Can you influence other people by thought alone? In my experience, the answer is yes, to some point. I don't think you can “will” someone to commit murder or jump off a cliff telepathically, but I do strongly believe that you can influence someone to think about you and possibly call or come by, if you feel strongly that you want to see them. This would obviously have to be someone you had a fairly close emotional relationship with at some point in time, like an old boyfriend or girlfriend.

Also remember that persistence, concentration and autosuggestion plays an important role in Mental Telepathy. You cannot do this just once, but for a few times with concentration to create autosuggestion to your target persons mind.

Now, at what specific time could your telepathic abilities affect a person? In my experience, it’s approximately an hour after he/she sleeps, where the mind is at “light sleep” and is open to suggestions. So, what would you do at that time? You have to think of the name of the person and picture him/her in your mind that she is really there and masturbate. Imagine you and that person are having a hot, wild and intimate sex on the beach.

I’m trying to write a decent blog here, but sex keeps butting in my lines. What’s the use of mental telepathy if you can’t use it for sex, right?

August 8, 2007

Milking d’ Cow

Have you ever heard of the word milking the cow? It is a commonly used procedure in sperm banks to extract sperm for persons having a hard time to ejaculate. It is done by sticking two fingers into your ass and massaging the prostate.

Well if I were to donate my sperm and cannot ejaculate, I still cannot imagine someone would stick their fingers on my ass and massage something there. If I were to be milked, I would probably say to the nurse; would it be better if I’ll stick my fingers somewhere between your legs and jerk off? I bet it would be over in a minute.

According to research, milking the cow can help you reach the plateau stage in seconds. So, maybe that’s why gays likes to be humped on the rear right? All that humping and slapping would somewhat hit the prostate and “squirt” “squirt” “squirt” “squirt” SUCCESS!!!

August 7, 2007

Are you Gay?

There are several ways to find out if you are gay. This test will help you find out how gay you are. You might want to use a pen to record your score.

1. You like hanging out with girls and gays more than boys.
You have a hard time to relate to other men’s ideas. But can relate more with girls and gays.
Yes – 4 pts.
Sometimes – 2 pts.
No – 0 pts.

2. You still haven’t had a girl friend at the age of 21.
Having a girl friend before turning 21 is one way to prove that you are not gay.
Yes – 4 pts.
Sometimes – 2 pts.
No – 0 pts.

3. You’re still a virgin at the age of 21.
Loosing your virginity to a female is important before turning 21.
Yes – 4 pts.
Sometimes – 2 pts.
No – 0 pts.

4. You hold hands with the same sex.
Holding hands is one way of showing that both of you are intimate.
Yes – 8 pts.
Sometimes – 4 pts.
No – 0 pts.

5. You like to look at other guy’s penis.
When watching porno, you pay more attention to the penis than the vagina.
Yes – 8 pts.
Sometimes – 4 pts.
No – 0 pts.

6. You feel attracted to boys.
Yes – 10 pts.
Sometimes – 6 pts.
No – 0 pts.

7. You have a history of being a cross dresser.
Having this history especially in the childhood is a sign of being a homosexual.
Yes – 6 pts.
No – 0 pts.

8. You had an intercourse with the same sex
Males who had an intercourse with homosexuals are considered homosexuals themselves.
Yes – 8 pts.
No – 0 pts.

Test Results:
8 points & below – Straight
9 to 16 points – Bisexual
17 points & above - Homosexuals

August 6, 2007

The Titty Song

I really like the hand job protest written and sang by Jonathan Fin, and showed the video to the other crew. We decided to search for more of Jonathan Fin’s eroticized songs and found the titty song. The song shows how men love boobs “breasts” in an elaborate manner.

As we go about the Music Video, all we can say is that we couldn’t agree more. Men indulge in fantasies of having to snuggle their faces on big breasted females. Breasts “tittys” are like female chakra that flows and puts a man to his knees.

Of course for a woman, having big breast is no longer a secret. In fact, some women try to deceive men into thinking that they have big breasts. We have seen women put multiple padding unto their bra to make their tittys look big. And some are rich enough to have a surgical silicone implant “FAKE BOOBS!”

But as this video suggests, a man doesn’t really care if a woman’s breasts are real or not, as long as the breasts are BIG, looks real and feels real.

August 5, 2007

Hand Job Protest

I stumble unto this website today and came across this video. A funny and hilarious Music Video written and edited by this perverted artist. This guy is making his protest against girls doing hand jobs for guys. The main point of the protest was that men are better in doing hand job than women.

Jonathan Fin says that, “Along with driving cars, fixing things, farting, burping, grilling and playing sports; hand-jobs are just one of the many things men can do better than women.”

Yes that’s right, hand jobs are a man’s job. Men endure years of practice to perfect the art of hand jobs. So, quit whining when a man tells you to give them a blow job. Because a man knows you cannot beat him in his game.

August 4, 2007

HALAKA Friendster

A lot of you might wonder why our crew has not implemented the HALAKA Friendster Community scheme. Most of you might think that this is a good idea for the HALAKA community. The Crew, in reality hates using Friendster for a reason. We find Friendster lame since Friendster addicts has this addiction and craving for new friends that they don’t even know and they will never ever get to know that person in reality. Of course there might be a few exceptions for some people.

Friendster has this suckittude that makes the community suck big time. They connect you to your friend and all of your friend’s friends that you don’t even know. It’s like a friendship circle but you don’t know most of the people that are in your circle of friends.

August 3, 2007

Just us?

How can you take videos from your partner? You can do it by saying the magic word. “Tayo lang ang makaka kita nito, promise!” By saying these words, you would be surprised that your partner will let you take the video. Of course you need to make it sound convincing. Otherwise, you would end up sticking your cam into your arse.

I will not be saying this if I haven’t tried it for a few times. But every time I say the magic word… Blam! They go for it. It’s kind of stupid to fall for this kind of trap, but I don’t really know the reason behind why people keep on falling for this.

Is it because that they trust their partner? Or is it because that their partner is eager to get busy? Well, both might be correct. But who cares? Promises are meant to be broken.

Actually, it’s a lame excuse if they say that “I thought only the both us will see the video”. Why the hell would they put their sexual intercourse on video anyway? Only a moron can’t read between the lines.

------------------------- Wait till my friends see this -------------------------

August 2, 2007

Pinay Scandals

Pinay Sex Scandals... These issues have touched the hearts and minds of Filipino men and women. Since Filipinos are funned of "tsismis", they are more prone to such controversies and issues of a certain individual. Minding other people’s lives and business are what we Filipinos always like to do. Of course not all of them act these kind of behaviors, but most of them does.

Research shows more or less 60% of Filipinos are "chizmozos" and "chizmozas". Males tend to suppress their feelings, and are less active in making tsismis. However Female individuals are more verbal and expressive than Males, thus making them more active in making tsismis.

In relation to these issues, we must admit that me and you are definitely a chizmozo or a chizmoza. If not, then you are a pervert viewing indecent photos and videos. Some might say that he/she is just curious about this website. Always remember that "Curiosity killed the cat". But who cares?! Man and Cats are mammals but they are definitely of different species...