August 9, 2007

Mental telepathy

Mental telepathy is defined as "Communication through means other than the senses, or thought transference." Most evidence is anecdotal and therefore not accepted scientifically. Most of us have had a telepathic experience at some point whether we realized it or not. Lots of things happen in life that we attribute to coincidence or chance that may actually be telepathic manifestations. Just because we can't prove it at this time, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Can you influence other people by thought alone? In my experience, the answer is yes, to some point. I don't think you can “will” someone to commit murder or jump off a cliff telepathically, but I do strongly believe that you can influence someone to think about you and possibly call or come by, if you feel strongly that you want to see them. This would obviously have to be someone you had a fairly close emotional relationship with at some point in time, like an old boyfriend or girlfriend.

Also remember that persistence, concentration and autosuggestion plays an important role in Mental Telepathy. You cannot do this just once, but for a few times with concentration to create autosuggestion to your target persons mind.

Now, at what specific time could your telepathic abilities affect a person? In my experience, it’s approximately an hour after he/she sleeps, where the mind is at “light sleep” and is open to suggestions. So, what would you do at that time? You have to think of the name of the person and picture him/her in your mind that she is really there and masturbate. Imagine you and that person are having a hot, wild and intimate sex on the beach.

I’m trying to write a decent blog here, but sex keeps butting in my lines. What’s the use of mental telepathy if you can’t use it for sex, right?

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