August 11, 2007

Girls Masturbate

Do Girls really masturbate? Yes, they do. In fact, 7 percent of the female population utterly admits that they do masturbate. 60 percent of them are just terrible liars! Masturbation does not only involve using hands or fingers, but using dildos and some other stuff.

Did you know that a girl riding in her partner’s knee can stimulate orgasm? Or just by applying light pressure over the vagina can also stimulate orgasm? So, what’s the point here? Most girls usually use pillows to apply pressure over the vagina unconsciously. Because they so often do this that they don’t even realize that this is a form of masturbation.

Have you seen those sassy chicks sitting on the bench, opening and closing their legs? Now, that is Public Masturbation. I tried to ask one of my classmates once that if she knew that what she is doing is Public Masturbation. She just whacked my face with a notebook and left. Gee, I wonder if I made her feel agitated that she left without saying a word.

People find me obnoxious if I ask those kinds of stuffs. But let’s face it, most of us masturbate and it’s NORMAL. I masturbate, even priests masturbate (not that I’ve seen one).

Women always have this “equality thing” that has been going on for years. Women tried to box, drive, play basketball, wear jeans and some other stuff that men do. So if girls do things equally as guys, then girls also masturbates!

For my classmate that whacked me