August 3, 2007

Just us?

How can you take videos from your partner? You can do it by saying the magic word. “Tayo lang ang makaka kita nito, promise!” By saying these words, you would be surprised that your partner will let you take the video. Of course you need to make it sound convincing. Otherwise, you would end up sticking your cam into your arse.

I will not be saying this if I haven’t tried it for a few times. But every time I say the magic word… Blam! They go for it. It’s kind of stupid to fall for this kind of trap, but I don’t really know the reason behind why people keep on falling for this.

Is it because that they trust their partner? Or is it because that their partner is eager to get busy? Well, both might be correct. But who cares? Promises are meant to be broken.

Actually, it’s a lame excuse if they say that “I thought only the both us will see the video”. Why the hell would they put their sexual intercourse on video anyway? Only a moron can’t read between the lines.

------------------------- Wait till my friends see this -------------------------

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